THE NEW DECOBAND PEN  Collectors have prized the 1928-30 WAHL-EVERSHARP GOLD SEAL OVERSIZED PERSONAL POINT pens for years and cae to refer to them as DECOBANDS.  In 2016 The WAHL-EVERSHARP Company revived these fine pens with the creation of the modern Oversized DECOBAND series to worldwide acclaim. The modern WAHL-EVERSHARP oversized DECOBAND pens are the result of the collaboration of both Italian and American vision, craftsmanship, and dedication to producing the finest pens of their type available today.  Fittingly, these DECOBAND pens , are made of some of the most celebrated Italian celluloid material ever produced incorporated in one of the most iconic of American Fountain Pen designs.

BACK TO THE FUTURE should be the caption for this wonderful pen. The WAHL-EVERSHARP Oversized DECOBAND pneumatic filling Gatsby pen with GOLDFLEX or SUPERFLEX nib and 2.0ml ink capacity sets a new standard for beauty and elegance by recapturing the classic design first introduced in 1928...only bigger and better!  The Gatsby pen is constructed using the finest materials available.  The pen body and cap material is beautiful highly polished Ebony Black Acrylic Resin with finely etched Roscoe Pattern, all exterior metal is heavily gold plated and the internal mechanism is solid brass.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of this very special pen.  Contact us for specific delivery dates.

DECOBAND Gold Seal Oversized Series
Nib Options

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Dimensions: 150mm long 23mm diameter at clip; 18mm diameter barrel.Clip and trim 

Material and Color:  ORO BLACK Celluloid   

Nib: Special 18K solid yellow gold SUPERFLEX.  This "All-In-One" nib varies in line width from fine to double broad by changes in hand pressure.

Clip and trim: Heavy Rhodium Plated Roller Clip and Trim

Filling System: One-plunge Chilton Style Pneumatic Filler controlling 2ml ink capacity sac.

Literature: Wahl-Eversharp history commemorative booklet, and Warranty Card, Filling Instructions, Double Check Club passcodes Anti-Oxident storage sleeve

Packaging: Outer Box; WAHL-EVERSHARP Logo wrapped box. Inside: Lift-out Clamshell visualated display window pen holder with literature compartment.

Dimensions: 150mm long 23mm diameter at clip; 18mm diameter barrel.Clip and trim 

MATERIAL: True Nitro-Celluloid  "Best of Italian Celluloid". This pen is manufactured in limited quantities for the discriminating collector.