A festival of pearlized marble colors imbedded in a dark blue background.  To compliment your capricious nature or maybe your crazy socks? A subtle glimpse of your inner spirit!

SKYLINE 100 Year Collection - Standard Edition
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Color: Cap; Celluloid Red, Teal and Blue Marbelized chips in a drark blue background. Barel; Black Plexi-Resin with gold piston filler ring

Clip and trim: Gold Plated Yellow Gold Clip.  Gold Plated "100th Anniversary WAHL-EVERSHARP" commemorative laser engraved cap trim ring 

Nib: Fine-Medium Semi-flex ceramic coated gold plated stainless steel

Ink Filling System: Permanent Twist-Piston Filler

Literature: Wahl-Eversharp history commemorative booklet, and warranty card, Filling Instructions, Double Check Club passcodes included

Packaging: Black Lacquer piano box embossed with gold  "WAHL-EVERSHARP" outside and inside