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The Modern Wahl Eversharp Decoband—Positano/Gold Model

Review offered by: Frank W. Bruno, Boulder, Colorado

April 2018

Every once in a while a fountain pen comes onto the market and grabs the attention and imagination of enthusiasts. Often the price may bar the fulfillment of the imaginations desires and sometimes that price tag is not justified. Recently I purchased the modern version of the Wahl Eversharp Decoband. I wont delve into the long and wonderful past of this company but the original company ceased operations years ago. Syd Saperstein and Emmanuel Caltagirone resurrected the brand and injected the necessary capital, innovation and inspiration to compete with excellence. My Decoband is the oversized blue Positano model—a thoroughly stunning swirl of ocean blue plexi-resin. The fit and finish more than meet my rather high expectations for an $800 fountain pen. Tolerances are tight, and the polishing is brilliant. The gold plating on the trim appears to be very generous though it is difficult to distinguish this. The nib and feed is where the true test of any fine fountain pen lay. Ive had a few high end brands that arrived requiring some work. Either the tines were not aligned, or, the nib was either under or over-polished—resulting in poor performance. My Decoband came with a 14k Superflex gold nib that appears to be a number 8 size. It has a huge apparently ebonite feed as well. Since most fountain pen nibs are a number 6 size, with the exception of the Montblanc 149, Sailor KOP, Pelikan M1000, and the Pilot Namiki Yukari and Emperor pens, the Wahl Evershap DecobandÃ�s large and beautiful nib stands out. It is neither fine, nor medium—but rather travels from fine to double broad with rather gentle writing pressure and that feed keeps the ink flowing! With the fountain pen enthusiast community lamenting the lack of flex approximating the vintage feel, the Decoband delivers a competitive option to overpaying for a vintage Waterman, Wahl, or Swan and perhaps receiving a pen that has serious issues. Writing with my Decoband is a joy; I do not flex all that often, but it is nice to have the capability to add the flourish to a down-stroke. Otherwise, my everyday writing is smooth, with the hint of feedback that most will enjoy. Overall, the heavier weight of the Decoband in hand, coupled with the mid-point balance adds to a very pleasing writing experience even for longer sessions. This is a fountain pen that has caused me to question—do I really need any other new pens? No fountain pen is perfect and flaws may become more evident with use, but for me, the Decoband is far superior to the MB 149, the Pelikan, and a few others. It just makes me smile each time I look at it and write with it! 


Pen Review: Wahl-Eversharp Decoband (Modern)

by Matt at

'I love this pen. I initially thought it was going to be too big, but the more I write with it, the more perfect it feels in my hand. I like writing with this pen while I am flex-writing. Aside from that, though, I find myself reaching for this pen for everything I write. I love the way that the heft of the pen helps to introduce a bit of a bounce to the writing, even when I'm not..." READ THE WHOLE REVIEW View VIDEO



Aaron Young

As posted on FPN

Oversize Wahl-Eversharp Decoband

With 14K Superflex Nib

"Sometimes a new pen comes along and just shouts, "You need to have me now!" Often these pens come from the big name manufacturers with big advertising budgets designed to whip up the desire of people who have never touched the pen in person. As much as I try not to get sucked into the frenzy vortex, it happens sometimes to the best of us. Then there are magnificent pens that come to you unlooked for and seemingly from somewhere you would never..." READ THE WHOLE REVIEW


And yet Another Great Review

"From the Pen Cup"

By Mary Shumway Collis

Team Wahlnut: The Wahl-Eversharp

Click on the link below to read the latest Review. This time it is about one of our Skyline Classics

Another Review ...this time from Karlo Tatad in The Phippines

Skyline Technik Fountain Pen

As I circled the atrium in the Sheraton looking for deals on Retro 51s (I found a few last year, thus my quest), Fred struck up a conversation with Syd Saperstein, the co-owner of Wahl-Eversharp. After I made my rounds, I stopped at the table and was quickly drawn into the conversation and the pens...READ MORE

2014 Washington, DC Supershow

FP Reviews the SKYLINE TECHNIK Cobalt Blue All Aluminum Pen

Unbiased First Review Fresh Out of the Box


Museum and New Business Office 


4739 N SCOTTSDALE RD.  #H101


HOURS: By Appointment (480) 426-2646



Debut at the LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL PEN SHOW later this month.

Here is our newest DECOBAND! Like all DECOBAND, it is not just another pretty pen. We create WAHL-EVERSHARP DECOBANDS that draw on classic historical designs and themes that will have relevance for decades to come. The SEDONA is no exception.

 Small limited production batches. 

Initial run of SEDONA pens will be an un-numbered group of only 50 pens.


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If you have a special request for a customized pen or gifting options or shipping arrangements, we encourage you to contact us. For more information please read our "Special Order Request" information.


Our Growing Dealer Network


Our network of Authorized WAHL-EVERSHARP Resellers keeps on expanding.   It gives us great please announce that the following have recently become authorized WAHL-EVERSHARP™ Dealers.  




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Bhikaji Cama Place
New Delhi � 110066 INDIA






25 Bellair Street, 

Toronto, Ontario, M5R 3L3 Canada



Pen and message.Co.,Ltd.

#107 5-1-13 Kitanagasadori

Chuo-ku Kobe

Hyogo 650-0012


Tel/Fax 078-360-1933



74 Diezengoff, 

Tel Aviv 6433246, Israel

+972 3-528-7564


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SKYLINE Technik Collection


Some have considered the OVERSIZED DECOBAND a little too oversized.

Here is an entirely new pen built around the design of the 1927-30

"Flat Top" Soldier clip Gold Seal pens



State of Israel 

70th Anniversary

A special Limited edition of 700 pens in Mediterranean Blue with eitherGgold or Rhodium Trim.  A specially commissioned art piece is encased in the cap top capsule.  See full details HERE




A little over 1/2 of the 50 MAGNIFICENT SEVEN DECOBAND limited edition numbered sets have already been sold! 

MAGNIFICENT 7 pens from Wahl Eversharp from Syd Saperstein on Vimeo.


The Great new  GASTBY Pen

Etched Black

Etched "Red" Ebonite

See it here



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